Victoria is very passionate about her work with the charities Kellsie’s Hope and The Braking Aids Ride.
At twenty-two, Victoria lost her best friend and fellow Disney performer to ovarian cancer at just twenty-six.  In that moment, Victoria’s life was changed forever and as she continues to act onstage in memory of Brittanie Siobahan Hanson, she also pushes her body to its physical limit in honor of those who can’t by running with Kellsie’s Krew.  Kellsie, too, was lost too soon and was a big Disney fan.  Victoria runs the Disney parks to “lighten the load and raise hope” for those battling childhood cancer.  She has become close with Kellsie’s family and, running together, they help one another adjust to “the new normal” after loss and fight so that more people don’t have to.  Her next race is 19.3 Mile (a 10K and a Half Marathon Back to Back) The Lumiere Challenge.  Check it out here

Being a part of the NYC theatre community, Victoria is surrounded by AIDS.  She knows many people who are now HIV positive and thriving.  The New York State Department of Health has promised to end the AIDS epidemic in NYC by 2020.  This dream seems too good to be true, so Victoria rides to be a part of the solution.  Every year, she rides 285 miles from Boston to NYC on her bike, Sylvia, to fight with the most amazing team of people she has ever met.  Watch this video  for a glimpse of just how incredible they are and support Victoria’s ride here.