De-Stress With Me

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After a whirlwind of auditions I am in a de-stress blah. The mind can only take so much, so it is important to be good to ourselves. Especially after a weekend of trying to see if other people like me it is important to make sure that I take some time to like myself. As artists, well more importantly as people, it is important that we- while striving for our goals- take time out to have fun and be silly. That’s what life is all about.

Grease Live! is definitely helping me to have fun. What a great production. They took the classic and adapted it for a modern audience without getting too far gone in a concept. So much fun. I think it raised the bar for live musicals. And how about Vanessa Hudgens! I cannot imagine doing that performance hours after losing your father. What strength and sheer art she put on that stage. I also thought it was super classy for Fox to dedicate the production to her father in the credits. It is things like that that make me realized how important artistic families are. Casts can be your lifeline.

Shakespeare Update: Henry VI Part Two is so much better than Part One! The Duchess of Gloucester reminds me of Lady Macbeth. I love her. She makes all the wrong decisions for all the right reasons. I also love the gravity of everything. We live in an age of “whatever” and that was an age of everything mattering ten fold. I love how extreme it all is. Also- I am one month in and still reading strong- anyone care to join me?

Will get back to the grind soon and have four auditions coming up shortly, but right now I am enjoying running and reading and taking time to breathe and remember that I am enough.